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D BUk Shelf WordPress Blog
The Situation

After reading fiction books for several years, Devangi decided to catalogue her reads and also to help others readers choose a good read, by writing book reviews. The most important aspect was to provide as much information to readers about the book and snippets of her view.

She decided to monetize her book review blog by using Amazon affiliate, but in a way as to enhance the user experience and help them buy a read that is most interesting to them. The foremost requirement however was to have a creative blog theme that would attract visitors to the website.

The Solution

Since Devangi wanted a long term commitment with her blog, we decided to build a premium WordPress blog over the other options. Our WordPress theme developers whipped up an interesting design that could relate to a young audience and at the same time make it a pleasant experience for all readers. Cufons are used to beautify the headings. We used custom taxonomy to prepare widgets for book details, Book summary and verdict.

Also, we built widgets to better use Amazon carousel plugin and help manage the affiliate API without fussing about the code. Now Devangi can easily add related books or books by the same author on the go and her Affiliate iframe codes are better managed.