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GeoMasters Inc.
The Situation

Geo-Masters, Inc. has a vast experience in subsurface utility engineering. Their clientele include site developers, property management companies, mobile homes parks, etc. To suit such clientele they wanted a WordPress design to make the site not only informative but also update-able with regards to the project, equipment, staff and such. The company wanted to give a fresh look and migrate their web site to WordPress. Instead of writing content for their site and updating it statically, they wanted to update content on the go.

The Solution

It was essential to showcase the modern age equipment and their expertise in the same. Also by displaying their latest projects, their array of work and hence the services they could provide, at a glance, the website would be user friendly. We decided to migrate web site to WordPress (leading CMS) for providing the dynamic content and custom web design for theme. Instead of having to post content statically, the content is simply picked from the posts, and displayed in categories. The main page itself, gives a quick idea of the technology and their services, with help of jQuery slider. The navigation from posts is simple and interlinked effectively, giving a smooth flow to the website.