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E-CommerceE-commerce Solutions

If you own a website or a blog, at some point you will decide to monetize it, or even better if you have a business that you want to take online, we can provide you a complete e-commerce solution from setup, integration, customization and support. Customized user interface to suit your shop, different modes for shop setup, easy check out option (even for unregistered users), ability to sell related products are only some of features we provide. If you have any specific requirements for your online shop we will be more than happy to develop custom shopping cart.

For your online mercantile success, it also important to easily manage the store. We provide customizations of existing shopping carts. Printable invoices, discount coupon management, user management and customer order logs are some of the features to name a few. Our services dominantly include WordPress e-commerce and WordPress shopping cart.

The success of any online store is driven by the user experience and using up to date payment gateways. Our e-commerce solution includes all major payment gateways and it is suitable for businesses of all sizes. We can integrate almost all leading payment gateways to make the payment processing easy.

WordPressWordpress Development

If you wish to get a plugin developed or modify existing plugin or want additional functionality in your WordPress, we can do it for you. A WordPress custom theme for your website...right away!

We specialize in providing WordPress custom themes and plugins. Our themes are cross-browser compatible, standards compliant and SEO friendly. For anything related to WordPress design, WordPress theme or WordPress development we are just a call away.

We have listed out key services that we provide. Drop us a line for any extras.
  • WordPress custom theme
  • WordPress design
  • WordPress customize and development
  • Setup WordPress and provide technical guidance
  • Maintenance and upgrade
  • WordPress server and domain migration
  • WordPress MU installation

Web DesignCustom Website Design

We here at NetMadeEz believe in first impressions. A creative website design that appeals to your clientele will go a long way in bringing in visitors and retaining them. We bring to table a balance of style and Web2.0 standards based designs that will enhance user interaction.

Our website design service includes WordPress design, website designs and custom website design. We bring nothing but the best website designers to the table. We are thorough with our research too, and our website designers are very much open to your suggestions, even sample sites that you admire. So drop us a line, and see what we can whip up for you and see for yourself what all the hype of beautiful designs is.


You have all the skills of a good coder and need only a little push to hit the highway Or your web developers are stuck at some point Or even need opinion on best WordPress plugins to install? Our web consulting services are suitable for projects of any size and we are only a call away. Through our extensive experience and qualified WordPress consultants, who have considerable industry experience, we can help you with your website optimization. WordPress is free and extremely powerful CMS for building your website or blog. It has thousands of plugins and themes; we will be glad to give you a helping hand to take full advantage of these features. Below listed are only a few examples of our web consulting services. You can fill in our detailed form for your custom requirements.
  • Best WordPress plugins to use and website optimization.
  • Help with WordPress install
  • Website speed and website optimization suggestions.
  • Setup WordPress multisite
  • e-commerce consulting (payment gateways, shopping cart,etc)
  • Help with bugs, cross browser compatibility
  • ...and much more.

PHPPHP Website Development

PHP Web Development:

We integrate PHP with jQuery, AJAX to build websites that are interactive and easy to use. We have strong experience with database development using MySQL for content management. Our PHP development includes projects on Content Management Systems, PHP e-commerce solution and WP-plugin development.

PHP Reports Development:

We can generate charts, graphs on the fly. We have developed similar projects that enable to post statistics on the website. We can also generate reports in HTML, PDF, XML, Excel, CSV format.

PHP Integration with Payment Gateways:

Our PHP developers can integrate all leading payment gate ways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, AlertPay, Chase Paymentech and many more, to ease the payment processing.

PHP support and maintenance:

We are currently providing support and maintenance to many of our developed websites and plugins. If you wish to have maintenance of your already existing PHP website development, we are up for the job. Through our extensive experience we can assure an all around support and upgrade for your website.

PHP Open-source CMS and Customization:

We work with the world’s most leading CMS, WordPress. We can customise, integrate, develop plugins and almost everything under the sun related to WordPress. Our team has developed number of customized WordPress themes, and integrated plugins and PHP e-commerce to develop websites that offer all the latest facilities to its users. We have also developed custom module and customized existing plugin to suit client needs. Our work also includes some proprietary work for clients.

PHP E-commerce/Shopping-cart Development:

We have developed custom shopping carts for many projects. Our most notable shopping cart is DukaPress. It has several features for easy shop setup, user management and inventory management. Our customers are very much satisfied with the e-commerce solutions we have provided to them, and we will be more than happy to repeat the experience.